Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Peanut Wins Pet Mayor

Fundraiser for Corrales Harvest Festival picked our next "pet mayor"


A dog named Peanut has won the 2022 Corrales pet mayor election at the Corrales Harvest Festival last weekend. The money raised in this year’s election will help animal organizations in the Village care for domestic animals, wildlife and livestock.

Peanut's enthusiastic campaign slogan was "Go nuts! Vote Peanut for Corrales Pet Mayor! He keeps his eye on the ball!" He made personal campaign stops at local businesses throughout the Village after the election.

"The critters of Corrales will be in great hands with Peanut at the helm," announced the press release from the Corrales Harvest Festival.

The release went on to name the runners up and their new titles, as follows:

Sage, a dog, is the new Pet Mayor Pro Tem and will be there to represent the Village should Pet Mayor Peanut not be able to fulfill his duties. Angelcake the cat will assume her new role as the Village Judge.

The next runner up and new Fire Chief is Otis, a miniature Juliana pig. The new Director of Barks and Recreation is Mila (Milagro, a dog). Twix, the guinea pig, is the new Village Clerk and will work closely with Pet Mayor Peanut.

George, the horse, is the new Chief of Police. He ran on the platform "In George We Trust."

Patron, the dwarf Nigerian goat, is the new Village Administrator. "He will have a very important job helping to get some big projects completed to ensure Corrales remains the best place to live and work," according to the press release.

Candidate gift baskets were donated by Village Mercantile.


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