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Fancies Bakery, Market and Eatery in Corrales still has not responded to News-y, after two attempts, though we now have the name of the company’s marketing person. There are weeks before its “Opening Fall 2022” expires so we will continue to sniff its photos of luscious pastries. 

Charlene Spiegel, longtime owner of Corazon de Corrales BnB, is pondering a deal. Having happily hosted visitors during the Balloon Fiesta, Spiegel might pull back from the second B in her inn’s name for a while and offer her rooms to locals only, for their visiting friends and families. Check with her to confirm.

Jolene Maes. Photo by Meredith Hughes

And if you are unfamiliar with PB&J Family Services, please note this New Mexico-based organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and Corrales’ Jolene Maes has long been involved. On the Board of PB&J for many years, she is now is now a Board member emerita and is working on the 50th anniversary planning committee for the November 22 PB&J Thanksgiving Family Reunion. She reports that Councilor Rick Miera is expected to introduce a proclamation request to the Village Council at their November 8 meeting declaring November 16 as PB&J Day. Per its website: “Angie Vachio and Christine Ruiz-Boyd co-founded PB&J in 1972 to respond to “screaming community need.s” What began as a volunteer effort reaching out to seven children who all had mothers with special challenges, grew into a nationally recognized nonprofit serving more than 1,500 children and parents annually. Explore its programs here:

The 41st Annual Dixon Studio Tour is November 5 and 6, and fabled garlic man and 85-year-old author Stanley Crawford may be visible amongst the wine, tapestries, quilts, prayer flags and Frito pies. In fact, the Crawford Garlic Farm is #39 on the tour. Yes, this is not Corrales, but if you are itching to get out of Dodge, roughly a two-hour jaunt, you might give this tour a try.  

Corrales’ Paul Knight and his wife Chris Allen recently won first place in the SouthWest Writers 2022 Writing Contest in the category of Opening Chapter of an Unpublished book, an unusual category indeed. Their entry is from their science fiction novel titled Harmonic Chronicles. Allen is a longtime member of Corrales Writing Group. In addition, she won first place in the Limerick category for her entry “Words," about playing the game Wordle, and shared first place honors for her Elevator Pitch, a short write-up about what you do/sell, for Harmonic Chronicles. All three entries can be found in A Diversity of Expression, the SouthWest Writers 2022 Writing Contest anthology published by SWW.

Meanwhile, NextDoor commenters noted that a large tent had appeared at the intersection of Meadowlark and Loma Larga, where Corrales’ Curt Flora apparently was trying to get signatures on a petition to oust Planning & Zoning Administrator Laurie Stout on the basis of Corruption, capital C. Evidently the tent later was moved to a spot opposite the Corrales Post Office. This is an evolving story.

Corrales Bistro Brewery, a successful 15-year venture as owned by Fritz Allen, is now under “new operators” and should reopen later this year with a new name.

Molly and Danny O’Brien bought Casa Vieja, so that enterprise too, is undergoing change. They took over about five weeks ago and hosted a brunch catered by the food truck Chalkboard, whose chef once worked at Indigo Crow. The food trucks rotate and Casa is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Two years old or under? Hello? You may go for free to the Corn Maze at Wagner’s Farmland Experience, open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. through October 31, All Hallow’s Eve.

It’s football season, too, of course, when dog walkers, weary of dodging goatheads or Tribulus terrestris, native to southern Eurasia, now deal with cockleburs, Xanthium strumarium, also known as footballs, fruit that does not cause pain, but rather sticks to fabric, fur, shoes….a member of the sunflower family, evidently the cocklebur inspired Switzerland’s George de Mestral to invent Velcro in 1948. ( The name meshes velour and crochet.)

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