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So when the terrier is barking furiously at the UPS truck and your friend in Florida is attempting to FaceTime you, the calm telephonic voice is saying “for English, press 1,” always an instant trigger, followed by “Please listen carefully, as our menu options have changed.” Do these people actually think we have MEMORIZED THEIR MENUS?! By this point I am growling, “Representative, representative!”

But hey, recently I have had positive phone-ish experiences. Some relate to my efforts to determine why The New Yorker Magazine always arrives late here in the Outback. ( It is supposed to reach subscribers about a week ahead, and yes, I also read much online.)  Long story involving a friendly dame in New York, amiable Ashley in Ames, Iowa, and a helpful woman named Renee in the upper echelons of the Postal Service in New Mexico who told me a woman in Los Ranchos was inquiring about her subscription as well. Improvement—-the issue of September 19 actually arrived one day ahead of the pub date. Unprecedented. Much to explore re: 3rd class mail v. 2nd class, but enough said.

For now, pay attention. Oct. 1 kicks off the celebration of 50 years of the ABQ International Balloon Fiesta, which runs through Oct. 9. Also, the Santa Fe Indian Market is bringing 100 artists to Burque at Glorieta Station, Oct. 1-2.

And, to make sure you learn in time of The Tortuga Gallery’s October art show dubbed “Let’s Get Metaphysical!,” here’s a description by Katie Neeley of her intense artistic vision. Neeley is the graphics whiz and layout talent who worked with the Corrales Comment until recently. She is one of eight artists in the show which runs Oct. 7-31 at 901 Edith SE.

"Nebula" by Katie Neeley

"Paint. Rich pigments from the Earth suspended in time. Musical fractal forms etched on ancient walls. The cosmos speak to us, speak through us, with strokes of color. I fluctuate between obtaining absolute control of the finest details to letting go completely to release a flood of chaos…To make art you must be fully immersed in the presence of each moment. Art making is an act of mindfulness and it teaches us the most we will ever come to know of our deeper selves."

My deeper self just became hungry. Fortunately, Corrales burger hounds Tom Neiman and Jim Tritten are hot to explore burgers here, there and everywhere. At the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown in Santa Fe, a recent competition won by the Albuquerque-based Tikka Spice food truck, an enterprise started by immigrants from Pakistan, Neiman and Tritten described the Tikka burger. "A moist green chile cheeseburger that is not too spicy but tantalizes the tastebuds to entice you to want that next bite."

And this Breaking Burger news just in—on Sept. 20, Corrales’ Ex Novo Brewery launched a permanent food truck called Sandos & Sandias, featuring a range of grass-fed burgers and wild sandos combos—and each burger/sandos comes with a side of fries, automáticamente! Open Mon.-Fri., 12 to 8pm. No description as yet—it just opened.

Scents and tastes, food and more food—I bumped into fabled longtime Corrales grape growing experts Lynda and Tom Katonak at the Sat., Sept. 17 Los Ranchos Growers’ Market. What? Not the Corrales Growers’ Market? Lynda explained that they sell their exquisite products only about once a year, maybe twice, and Corrales wants a commitment of $$ for a full year of involvement. The Suffolk Red late season grapes we bought were spicy sweet and almost-beyond-description delish.

On Sept. 18 Al Gonzales, head of that very same Corrales Growers’ Market, said the market sees about 4,500 customers Sundays, with 350 at the Wednesday market, a big jump from back in the day when all manner of dogs were welcome and musical groups performed under the trees. Gonzales reckons the “200 groupies coming to hear the music, with their cars, about 150 of them taking up space for well over an hour, people not here to buy produce,” really set things back. 

As for canines, he allows that if you can carry your “small” dog, you can bring it into the market. 

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