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Friends have mentioned they have felt jet lagged, sleepy, befuddled, thanks to everyone’s not-so-fave March event, Daylight Savings, initiated once again on March 12. DS was on and off during two World Wars, made official when Congress finally passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966, not adhered to by all states, then in and out briefly in the 1970s. Now the Sunshine Protection Act looms….menacing to those of us who prefer to waltz to nature’s rhythms. 


We do welcome spring, however, just recently on March 20, and coming right up? National Spinach Day, on March 26. Many of us are delighted to celebrate this happy, healthy Asian-origin green, especially when minimally cooked with garlic, olive oil— ( See: Gal pal of Popeye the Sailor Man) —and a dash of salt. The Corrales Writing Group may likely be waving green flags for spinach this month, as in 2020 they published Kale is A Four Letter Word, a tome quivering with kale aversion. 


Yay! Plants, and more plants

Alameda Greenhouse, off Alameda at 4th, is the home of our fave coupon, offering one free 4-pack or four-inch plant with every purchase until June 16, among other deals. Alameda is opening an Albuquerque offshoot at 300 Broadway NE called The Little Greenhouse, with a big selection of indoor plants. 


Another Yay! to Restaurant Forty Nine Forty 

This new venture now is open via the people at Fancies on Corrales Road. Manager of Most Everything Jason Collingwood, who learned his trade, including bartending, during several years at Indigo Crow, is managing like crazy, and relished the good reviews by diners and more, as the restaurant moved through its soft opening.  Right now seating is available for about 40 people at 10 tables. Come warmer temps, the patio will serve another 40. Collingwood says lunch may be coming, but Happy Hour is likely first. 


One local told us that 49/40 “is a great venue for villagers who don’t want to drive 30-45 minutes for a really, really, really good meal.” And described the dessert of Argentine-style flan with a side of caramel and an edible flower, as “The best flan I have ever had.” 


Collingwood is keen to emphasize the merits of Chef Javier Montano, from San Francisco, who was able to carry with him to Corrales his connection with Lone Mountain Wagyu, a ranch in Golden, New Mexico, that began raising only Wagyu cattle in 2008. Work cattle of Japanese origin. If you enjoy marbled, pricey steaks, Wagyu is for Yu. Sous Chef Mackenzie White and Pastry Chef Paola Savastano are also doing due diligence, and local sourcing is emphasized. Silverleaf Farms, Milagro Winery, among others. Current hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 5 to 10pm, reservations required (505-554-3866).


And for a dive into all things New Mexico 

If you have not yet explored New Mexico Nomad, a multi-faceted web creation of Corrales’ Leslie Davis, please do so. And consider sharing it with your out-of-state family and friends. Articles, links, marketplace items, geology, places to stay, tours, quirks aplenty:


Corrales Arts Center wants your $$!

A fundraiser on April 1 at Old Church is called “Got Art, Corrales!” You buy a ticket, show up for wine and nibbles at 5pm, pick out a piece of art, and by 7pm you should know what you will take home with you, other than your inebriated neighbor. You must register for either Premium — First Selection, admits 2 – $150; or Regular — Second Selection, admits 1 – $75.

Register here:


Finally, random News-Y notes:

Xfinity hired a clever gal named Alaa, not to be confused with Allah, working by phone from Alexandria, Egypt.

That guy observed on walkies humming along beautifully, with those pods in his ears, cannot respond to your compliments. 

Deepfake porn has zero interest in you, one hopes.


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