Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Letter to the Editor: A Hooray for the Hoser



The name of your fine newspaper declares to be for “comments” by Corralesanos, although I don’t see many. However, I wish to commend the man in your story  ("Waterdown Down Speed Enforcement Unacceptable," July 28, 2023) who used his water hose to protect his neighborhood from speeders.

What a lovely idea he had! He didn’t use a method that would harm anyone or their car. He tried to use gentleness to cool hot heads who imperil walkers, school children and animals on residential roads. Some people just need a reminder to slow down and watch out for each other.

Our good police officers should not have to police our residential roads. Their work usually comes after an accident, robbery or violence.

So this water-wielding man is my new hero. I wish him well and thank him for his courage to stand up against “me first” people.

Marlene Cochrane


Editor's note: The Corrales Comment does not endorse  squirting cars with water in an effort to get them to slow down. The man referred to in this letter, a repeat offender, was told he would be criminally charged if he continued the behavior.


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