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Since before Village government’s incorporation as a municipality, community life was sustained by volunteer committees and associations, such as the Corrales Historical Society and the Corrales Volunteer Fire Department.

Some of those early civic groups have survived as nongovernmental organizations to this day while others have become official Village boards and commissions, with membership appointed by the mayor and Village Council.

Peruse the following list to see whether your own interests coincide with one or more of those boards. The Village Clerk in the Village Offices across from Wells Fargo Bank will always accept applications to be considered as vacancies arise.

The boards and commissions are: Planning and Zoning, Parks and Recreation, Bosqe Advisory Commission, Equestrian Advisory Commission, Senior Advisory Board, Library Board, Farmland Preservation and Agricultural Commission, the Bicycle, Pedestrian Advisory Commission, Tree Preservation Advisory Committee, Lodger’s Tax Board, Capital Improvements Advisory Committee, the Interior Drain Advisory Committee, Casa San Ysidro Advisory Board and the Water Issues Advisory Board.

At least two other groups have strong liaison with Village government: the Corrales Historical Society and Corrales MainStreet, Inc. Membership to those organizations is not by appointment by the mayor.

According to the Village of Corrales  website December 1, current members of the boards are listed as follows, although some are probably incomplete or out of date.

  • Bicycle, Pedestrian Advisory Commission: Dayton Voorhees, chair, Chris Allen, Jeff Radford, Suzanne Harper and Susan Zimmerman.
  • Capital Improvements Advisory Committee: Dick Foote, chair, Polly Garner, Patrick Hogan, Jason Howard and Lynn Martinez.
  • Interior Drain Committee: Doug Findley, chair, John Perea, Rick Thaler, Jeff Radford and Sayre Gerhart.
  • Farmland Preservation and Agricultural Commission: Lisa Brown, chair, Linda Walsh, Stacia Spragg-Braude, John Perea and John Sweda.
  • Lodger’s Tax Board: Judith Newby chair, Fritz Allen, Norris Tidwell, Dee Turner and Barbara Kline.
  • Planning and Zoning Commission: John McCandless, chair, Sam Thompson, Michele Anderson, Jerry Stermer, Melissa Morris, Ken Killebrew and Mike Harper.
  • Tree Preservaton Advisory Committee: John Thompson, chair, Fred Hashimoto, Don Welsh, Carol Conoboy and Ian Daitz.
  • Corrales MainStreet, Inc.: Sue Evatt, president, Valerie Burkett, Linda Parker, Lynn Martinez, Kim Stewart, Cookie Emerson, John Perea, Joel Gregory and Maureen Cook.
  • Bosque Advisory Commission: Joan Hashimoto, chair, Mary Chappelle, Tim Gonzales, Joan Morrison, Lonnie Peets and Alexander Price.
  • Equestrian Advisory Commission: Patty Carroll, chair, Janet Blair, Bon Bagley, Christina Savitsky, Ellen Robb and Susan Alvarado.
  • Library Board: Kip Wharton, chair, Walter Walkow, Cynthia Nava, Liz Volkmann, Jim Wright, Ginger Foote and Gail Chynoweth.
  • Parks and Recreation Commission: Renee Clifton, chair, Ed Cole, Joseph Montoya, Tony Messec, John Perea, Joanne Reid and Chris McIntyre.
  • Senior Advisory Board: Mel Alper, chair, Antonio Planells, Margorie Gerber, Richard Perea, Don Reightley, Dolores Biehl and Gilbert Merriman.
  • Water Issues Advisory Board: Don Turton, Brad Sumrall, Maryann Wasiolek, Wendy Fidao Bali and Bert Coxe.
  • Corrales Historical Society: Nan Kimball, chair, Marge Gerber, Carol Rigmark, John Derr, Dora Scherzinger, Mary Davis, Margarita Sexson, Jude Rudder, Carolyn O’Mara, Jill Russell, John McCandless and Dee Turner.


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