Sunday, October 1, 2023



With the Bunkhouse building for sale, the Secondhand Treasures thrift store next to the Frontier Mart is closing. The non-profit business started by Nancy Baumgardner is urgently seeking a new space to lease. “We belong in Corrales, but we have looked everywhere. We have to be out by at least July 31.” She started a store closing sale on Friday, June 17.

Over the past 11 years, the business has raised more than a half-million dollars for the Southwest Animal Rescue Fund, Inc., Baumgardner said. “Our primary mission has always been to aid animals, primarily dogs, in need.”  The fund has paid for veterinary bills, food, boarding, transport, rehabilitation, training and spay and neuter. 

“Before the Village found other funding, we paid the veterinary bills for animals under the care of Corrales Animal Services.  We have maintained a sanctuary/hospice for old, sick, injured or otherwise unadoptable animals for 11 years.  Over the years, many of the dogs in the sanctuary came to us after Corrales residents died without leaving provisions for their animals. We never took a cent from the Village for any of our services.”

Baumgardner said  the non-profit has also donated for animals rescued from the war in Ukraine, and to groups helping animals affected by N.M. wildfires.  “For several years we have been paying food and veterinary costs for stray dogs cared for by a woman on the Navajo reservation.

“We fund all of our efforts through the operation of our thrift store.” 

Except for its low prices, Secondhand Treasures bears little resemblance to a typical thrift store.  “Customers call us a ‘boutique’ and a ‘mini department store.’  We have the only book store in Corrales.  Our books are meticulously curated by a dedicated volunteer. 

“We sell quality high-end men’s and women’s clothing, some of it brand new, for a fraction of its original price.  We have beautiful jewelry, pottery, linens, housewares and art. 

“If we can’t find another location in Corrales, we will have to close. None of us wants to close or leave Corrales, but we need at least 3,000 square feet, adequate parking and working plumbing.”


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