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JUNE 1, 2022

WHEREAS, Jeff Radford has dedicated 40 years of his life and career to the Village of Corrales by creating and sustaining the Corrales Comment newspaper with the goal of publishing the truth with respect and unrelenting honesty, and to present news reporting as though democracy matters; and

WHEREAS the Corrales Comment has consistently informed the citizens of Corrales of official meetings such as those of the Village Council and other formal and informal groups, keeping Corrales citizens apprised of events in their community; and

WHEREAS the Corrales Comment creates a detailed historical archive of notable events, people, and commentary in the community as well as connecting the Village with its past; and

WHEREAS Jeff Radford and the Corrales Comment have promoted the health, safety, livability, and creativity of Corrales for 40 years by providing a voice for groups and activities in the Village, including Parks and Recreation, Corrales MainStreet, Arts in Corrales, Corrales Cultural Arts Council, Village in the Village, Music in Corrales, Farmland Preservation, Corrales Historical Society, and many other groups; and

WHEREAS the Corrales Comment consistently provides a forum for discussion of issues of importance and diverse opinions of Corrales Residents; and

WHEREAS Jeff Radford has served on numerous committees and task forces in and for Corrales, including his current tenure on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission to implement his ideas for a safe and walkable community; and

WHEREAS Jeff Radford has shown his dedication to the survival of our planet by pointing out the efforts to hold industrial polluters accountable in the Corrales airshed, dedicating special issues to the discussion of climate change, presenting first-hand accounts of international Climate Change conferences and reporting on the diverse important efforts to assure we have adequate safe and clean water; and

WHEREAS Jeff Radford has generously shared his knowledge, experience, and expertise by mentoring several generations of writers and aspiring journalists; and

WHEREAS Jeff Radford will celebrate his 80th birthday and retirement from the Corrales Comment in June of 2022;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, James F. Fahey, Jr., Mayor of the Village of Corrales, Sandoval County, State of New Mexico, proclaim June 1, 2022 as Jeff Radford Day in the Village of Corrales, and call upon the people of the Village of Corrales to honor Jeff Radford and the positive impact he has had on our community for 40 years.

PASSED, APPROVED, AND ADOPTED by the Governing Body of the Village of Corrales, New Mexico, this 24th day of May, 2022.


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