Wednesday, October 4, 2023



Corrales author Benjamin Radford, Corrales Comment’s long-time movie reviewer, has a new book out, America The Fearful.

“Combining media literacy, folklore, investigative journalism, psychology, neuroscience and critical thinking approaches, this book reveals the powerful fole that fear plays in clouding perceptions about the United States,” Radford explained.

He said fears about crime, immigrants, police and societal conflicts have been pervasive in this country during this century. “Many of these fears begin as mere phantom fears, but are systematically amplified by social media, news media, bad actors and even well-intentioned activists.”

Radford, managing editor for the national science magazine Skeptical Inquirer, majored in psychology at the University of New Mexico and later earned a master’s degree in education at the University of Buffalo. This summer, he will earn another master’s degree, in public health, from Dartmouth College.

“This book examines the role of fear in national panics and addresses why many Americans believe the country is in horrible shape and will continue to deteriorate, despite contradictory evidence.

“Political polarization, racism, sexism, economic inequality and other social issues are examined in my new book, which also offers evidence-based solutions.”

The 234-page book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other retail outlets.

The author attended Corrales Elementary, Taylor Middle School and Cibola High.

Among nearly two dozen other books published by the author are Tracking the Chupacabra: the vampire beast in fact, fiction and folklore, Investigating Ghosts: the scientific search for spirits and Big —If True: adventures in oddity.


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