Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Dear Editor: Hoo-ray for Corrales Fire Department



The Village of Caorrales is a wonderful place to live and it is even a better place because of the men and women that protect us from harm, the Corrales Fire Department.

I have lived in this village for 17 years and have taken for granted that the village had a fire department. I knew, as most people do, that they fight fires and help in medical emergencies, but I never had any idea of all the other little things they do for all of us.

The fire chief, Anthony Martinez, and our fire commander, Tanya Lattin, work tirelessly do not only their jobs but other things that are up and above their job descriptions. During the pandemic, the chief never went home; he stayed at the station 24/7. He stayed because people were facing medical challenges from a disease none of us could have ever believed could happen in this world. When there is a weather alert, he stays to support the firefighters that are on duty.

Fire Commander Lattin volunteered with the Sandoval Health Department at the very beginning of the pandemic to administer the new vaccine against this disease that we never heard of. She was eventually granted her own vaccine clinic here in the village. Tanya made sure the citizens of Corrales were being taken care of by having drive-through clinics and by doing in-home vaccinations for those who could not come to a drive-through site, at times putting her own self aside. She also is the person people call they they need food or help with household needs. Her phone is always ringing.

The men and women of the fire department put their lives on the line for all of us on a daily basis. They exemplify the leadership of their department in all they do. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for the people of Corrales. They deliver meals, help a cancer patient take a shower when the caregiver isn’t capable of helping, they rescue people and animals, they make sure the children of Corrales have a great Christmas.

The Village of Corrales should be proud of the men and women of the Corrales Fire Department. We can all sleep much easier knowing they are here to protect us.

Susan Hinchcliffe



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