Sunday, October 1, 2023

Corrales Officials Make Less Than Others


By Josiah Ward

Corrales village councilors on Tuesday discussed increasing the pay for elected officials to put them in line with some similarly sized cities in New Mexico. 

Currently, in Corrales, with a population of 8,636, the mayor is paid $500 per month and councilors receive $150 per month. That translates to annual salaries of $6,000 and $1,800, respectively. 

Corrales’ elected officials also receive health and dental benefits. 

But elected officials in most cities, towns and villages surveyed make more.

In Los Ranchos, population of 6,120, the mayor is compensated $1,000 a month and trustees are paid $50 per meeting. 

Soccoro, with a population of 8,406, pays its mayor $1,700 per month, and councilors receive $1,050 per month. 

“If you were to take the average salaries based on the two surveys, the median communities average for counselors is currently $657 per month in the five named communities,” said councilor Bill Woldman. 

Those communities were Belen, Bloomfield, Grants, Socorro and Taos.

Woldman suggested that the council “take a look” at raising salaries for elected officials in Corrales.

During discussion of the issue, it was suggested that low compensation could be a reason few people run for office in the village.

No action was taken related to the issue. 

Councilor Rick Miera said he wanted more community input before moving forward.


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