Sunday, October 1, 2023

Bury Me Please

Begone Electric Wires, with Enough Money


By Carolyn Carlson

Pleas for a lobbyist, a silly debate about the need for current Village transportation data and the dream of burying PNM lines were the most interesting moments during the rather sedate Village of Los Ranchos trustees meeting held Oct. 12.

Spend Money To Get Money

Apparently, Los Ranchos does not have a lobbyist. Several pleas were heard from the public asking the governing board to hire a lobbyist to get some bucks flowing into the Village coffers. There was no decision about this idea but if it is true that there is not a lobbyist on board, then the Trustees should get one. Many find all that schmoozing that goes along with lobbying kinda smarmy but it is a necessary evil. The Village has had them in the past so this lack must just be a glitch.

Envision Real Data

In a rather long-winded, unnecessary ramble, Trustee George Radnovich tried to stop the Village and the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) from collecting traffic and transportation data along Los Ranchos transportation routes. This data is needed to see how things are really going on the village byways and streets. He said that before the Village collects transportation data, the Village should come up with a vision of how residents want transportation to look like, then go collect that specific data. This makes no sense but he kept rambling on, while his colleagues patiently tried to get the idea into his head that maybe having the actual data first will help guide the vision process with reality. Luckily, his patient cohorts rang up three yeas to his lone nay.

The cut through commuter traffic along 4th Street and Rio Grande Blvd. between Albuquerque to such places as Rio Rancho and Corrales is not going to get "visualized" away. Then there is the Paseo del Norte speedway and its noise pollution ripping through the Village like a chainsaw. So it might be a good idea to get some idea of what is happening on the roads and other transportation routes in Los Ranchos. Then ideas can be visualized to keep the character of Village roads that move traffic of all sorts. With MRCOG involved, maybe there is a chance that some innovative ideas can bubble up, like Village toll roads.


An interesting conversation about the possibility of burying electrical lines in the Village, and specifically along 4th Street, was held during an agenda item to give PNM a franchise to operate in the Village. One interesting bit of info was the cost to get rid of those unsightly wires. A Village administrator said it was outrageously expensive, then gave the example of a recent line burial at Edgewood Park that cost $14,000. This reporter drove by there to see the length, and let's just say it was maybe 40 to 50 yards worth of line burial. Out of curiosity, the Village is going to ask PNM to give them quotes for power line burial along some places. Hopefully, all new builds will have to bury their own power lines.

Vote Yes On Open Space Bond

An important and quick reminder to Village residents to vote YES for the $8 million municipal bond question on the Nov. 8 ballot. The bucks will go towards buying parcels of land to use as open space within Los Ranchos and will NOT raise taxes.

Stay Tuned

Village Trustees meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm unless they post otherwise. For all official village information, check out at


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