Sunday, October 1, 2023



A regal, fluffy cat has joined the race to become Corrales’ next Pet Mayor. Ballots will be tallied on the last day of the Harvest Festival, September 26. Votes are $1 each. A ballot box will be available at the Corrales Growers’ Market this month and next. Other ballot boxes are at the Frontier Mart, Village Pizza, the Phillips 66 gas station, Village Mercantile,  the Bistro, Ex Novo and Boxing Bear Brewery. The eighth and final candidate is Lugh, a cat owned by Deborah Dapson. His campaign slogan is “Ready for any CATastrophe!” Lugh’s entry follows that of five dogs, a peacock and a Giant Canada goose.

Jewel, a Standard Poodle, owned by Elizabeth Gutierrez, was the first dog to enter the race.   Jewel’s campaign slogan is “The world needs more love, belly rubs, and paws-itivity!” She wants to show the entire village that you can get things done with a little more love.  

The second dog was Skittle, a Labrador owned by Allison Coulombe. Skittle’s campaign slogan “She’s not just any Labrador, she’s a LOVE-a-dore!” Odin was the next candidate, and is owned by Laura Arciniegas. He is a Great Pyrenees and a big lovable boy.  Odin’s campaign slogan is “Sun’s out, tongue’s out, vote for me!”  He’s laid back, but can really get things done when he wants to. Nessie was the fourth candidate, and she’s just a baby.  She’s a Newfoundland puppy owned also by Laura Arciniegas. Nessie’s campaign slogan is, “Enough happy to go around.”

The next-to-last candidate, a three-month-old Lab puppy named Bliss, is already in training to become a service dog. Her campaign slogan is “Future Service Dog Will Serve Disabled. But Ready Now to Help Corrales.” You can cast your vote (money) online at, or at the locations listed above.  As always, voting is $1 per vote, ($2 per vote online) and you can vote as often as you want, and with as much money as you want. The Pet Mayor election is a fundraiser benefitting local organizations.


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