Wednesday, October 4, 2023



The coronavirus continues to slam Corrales. Three hundred seventy-two  cases had been reported here on Monday, August 16. “COVID cases continue to increase,” Mayor Jo Anne Roake warned. “Both Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties are still at ‘substantial’ risk. Corrales has new cases almost every day, and our community has lost people to this new surge. What can we do? Get vaccinated. Wear a Mask indoors or in crowded places. Situational awareness and adaptability will get us through. If you have concerns about the vaccine, please contact Commander Tanya Lattin at 703-4182. She is here to help,” the mayor urged.

Calls are intensifying nationwide for measures to confront the disease. The Union of Concerned Scientists called on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to “do a better job of collecting data and staying on top of new developments. “As our kids head back to school, ensuring that we have the correct data and science-based guidance is all the more critical,” the organization’s pandemic response outreach coordinator said. “To protect public health, the main thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated. However, we also need to collect essential data on COVID-19 cases and transmission so that we’re able to respond quickly to new developments with smart evidence-based policies.

“Contrary to the CDC director’s statement in July, the COVID-19 pandemic is not a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ The evidence of vaccinated infection and transmission shows that the CDC must step up and proactively collect data on ‘breakthrough’ cases, transmission and emerging variants.” Although many  Corraleños are acting as though the pandemic has passed, 335 people here had the illness as of July 16. Thirty-seven more were added less than a month later.

As of July 16, 4,372 New Mexicans had died from COVID-19, and 207,002 had tested positive for the coronavirus. As of August 14, New Mexico had recorded 218,569 cases, mostly in the 30-50 age group, and 4,446 had died. Two hundred ninety-six were hospitalized with the disease on that date.


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