Wednesday, October 4, 2023



With coronavirus infections spreading rapidly, Corraleños are intensifying precautions. Plans for political rallies were halted, trips to grocery stores were kept to a minimum and appointments for clinics and hospital visits were cancelled. As of October 18, cases of COVID-19 in the zip code 87048 reached 42. In Sandoval County about three percent of people tested were positive for the virus.

Statewide, 934 people had died by that time and 36,788 people had come down with the deadly disease. “COVID-19 is out of control in our state, with 672 cases reported yesterday, Mayor Jo Anne Roake cautioned.

“The governor calls it a ‘raging wildfire,’ and it threatens to overwhelm our medical resources. Unless it is work, self-care or necessary errands, stay home. If you must go out, practice “MAD:” 1) wear a Mask 2) Avoid groups of more than 5; and 3) Distance from each other.

“Plus, just 15-20 seconds of hand washing and sanitizing eliminates a virus that can otherwise live on skin for nine hours. Corrales now stands at 41 cases,” she said October 16, “still good considering how many cases there are in Sandoval and Bernalillo Counties.

“But know this. If you go out to a restaurant or bar or attend a rally or gathering without taking COVID-19 precautions, you may bring disease and even death right back to our doorstep. Your every action is vital to the health of Corrales. We must work together 100 percent to crush COVID.”


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