Wednesday, October 4, 2023



The pandemic may have halted many events in their tracks, including the State Fair and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, but Tracy and Chuck Stabenow and the forces behind the Corrales Harvest Festival are determined that the 2020 Pet Mayor election will go forward.

The Harvest Festival itself still officially is scheduled to take place September 26 and 27, though whether that will stand likely is in doubt. Still, Corrales needs a Pet Mayor in these troubled times. The 2019 Pet Mayor, Tank, continues to serve, his tongue well out when temperatures top 90 degrees.

Pet Mayor organizers are seeking candidates from right now through August 24. If your critter is calm, cool, conciliatory and well-informed, consider entering her/him in the contest. To register on line, see

As of press time, the form could not filled on line. But that may change. Meanwhile, print out the form, fill it in and mail it to Pet Mayor Election, 4 Acoma Trail, Corrales, NM 87048. Or print it, fill it out, scan or photograph it, and email it to

Then, develop a catchy campaign slogan for your pet, and create a campaign flyer that can be put on the Harvest Festival’s website for all to see. The more creative your campaign flyer, the more votes you likely will receive.

Due to social distancing and safety, the election will be handled differently this year. Campaigning and voting all will happen online. No polling stations will be set up this year, and no candidates will make appearances. So it is vital you visit the Corrales Harvest Festival’s website to view and vote for candidates.

If all goes as planned, voting will begin September 1, and end the last weekend of September. Voting is $1 per vote, and you can vote online as often and for as much money as you would like. This is a fundraiser, and Pet Mayor planners want to continue raising money for organizations and activities that benefit the needs of Corrales’ two-legged and four-legged community. The new pet mayor will be announced on Sunday, September 27, the possibility of a Pet Parade still under discussion. And all participants will receive awards and prizes.

If you have questions about the pet mayor election, please call Tracy Stabenow at 713-202-5805.

As for the Corrales Harvest Festival, scheduled to run September 26 and 27, long time Kiwanis volunteer and former Festival chief Tony Messec emailed that for months Kiwanis has been discussing the possibility of holding the 2020 Corrales Harvest Festival, though since March many involved were skeptical about being able to hold the usual style festival.

“We held out hope for a miracle: a successful treatment or a vaccine. When it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, we did make an official decision last month that the 2020 Harvest Festival would not be held in its traditional fashion. We’re still hoping to be able to have some virtual activities such as the Pet Mayor race, hootenanny — suggestions from Corrales Comment readers are welcome— but there will be no tractor hay rides, Arts and Crafts Fair, Food Court, or similar, in 2020.”

Messec added that “We’re really sorry, because we know how much many locals look forward to the annual CHF. We enjoy staging it, even though it practically kills some of us each year. And, it raises funds that we can pass back to worthwhile organizations in our community. That’s probably our biggest regret. That’s what Kiwanis clubs exist to do: provide assistance to children and our communities. We expect to be able to hold a 2021 CHF and will begin working toward that goal in the fall.”


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