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From the Horse’s Mouth: Old Traditions, New Directions

By Steve Komadina This is a column that talks about horses and the Corrales connection. Itwas started as an initiative of Corrales Horse and Mule People(CHAMP) to help horse and non-horse owners to think about living in ahorse-oriented community. What will the New Year bring for our Corrales horse heritage? Ourpopulation as a world and…

Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Courthouse Expansion

Submitted by Jay C. Block, Sandoval County Commissioner, District II This letter is provided as opinion/commentary from the author. You can submit your own: Citizens of Sandoval County, I implore you this November to vote YES to the General Obligation Bond for the courthouse expansion for the 13th Judicial District Court. Our judicial process and the right to…

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to the Mayor

Submitted by Rick Thaler, Corrales resident If you’d like to submit a Letter to the Editor, please email I’m a founding member of the Corrales Interior Drain committee and I live on Hansen Road near the drain. A couple of years ago I proposed via a letter in the Corrales Comment that the Village…


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