When school lets out at the end of this month, Corrales’ ditch bank trails are expected to see more users —but those should not include people on motor bikes, ATVs or cars and trucks. Even before summer recess, increased motorized vehicles along the ditches have villagers concerned about the risks of serious injury when drivers encounter horse riders, cyclists and walkers.

“We are having a serous problem with motorized vehicles on the ditch access roads,” according to Corrales Equestrian Advisory Commission’s Janet Blair. “Lots of folks apparently don’t know the law, or choose to ignore it.”

Corrales ordinances and Conservancy District regulations have outlawed driving on the ditch banks, but such abuses have persisted and grown worse in recent years.

“Someone could be killed or seriously injured with all these motorcycles and ATVs and golf carts careening around,” Blair cautioned.

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