Presiding at his first Village Council meeting as mayor, Jim Fahey exercised his first tie-break vote in what was actually a less-than controversial matter: selection of a mayor pro tem. Fahey expressed astonishment, saying he was completely surprised at having to choose who would substitute for him in chairing council meetings when he could not be there.

Fahey asked for nominations for who should be designated as mayor  pro tem, and two council members were suggested: Stuart Murray and John Alsobrook. “Councillor Bill Woldman nominated me,” Murray recalled, “and I nominated John Alsobrook.”

The six councillors were asked to vote their choice —and they split 3-3, which required Mayor Fahey’s tie-break. Both have substantial prior experience in Village government. Alsobrook had been chosen twice before to serve on the council, and Murray has years of experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission as well as the council.

Rarely, if ever, in the Village’s history have competitors vied to be anointed as  mayor pro tem. It pays nothing and conveys little or no power or prestige.

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