Leftover campaign funds for Gary Kanin’s unsuccessful run for mayor are being donated to Village government’s Animal Control efforts and to the Corrales Library. At the April 12 Village Council meeting, one of his campaign organizers, Fred Hashimoto, presented a check for $500 to the victorious candidate, Mayor Jim Fahey, to be used for the Village’s animal services. He said the excess funds amounted to $1,000 and that a similar check for $500 would be presented to the library. Hashimoto later said donations to the Kanin campaign were all local.

“Many gave generously to Gary’s campaign,” he told Corrales Comment. “All donations came from local people and not from any at the state or national level. 

“Political parties or similar organizations were also totally not involved financially or in any other way; in his campaign, voters were not contacted to vote along party lines,” he added.

“At the conclusion of the campaign, approximately $1,000 remained in its fund.  Gary felt that to equally divide that residual between benefiting animals in the Village and the Library would be positive.  A $500 check was presented to the Village Animal Control at the last Village Council meeting and a letter with check is being sent to the Friends of the Corrales Library.”

 Although no campaign finance reporting would prove it, the last mayoral campaign was probably the most expensive in Corrales’ history as a municipality. Both campaigns relied heavily on mailed slick, four-color printing flyers and other mass media techniques.

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