The Corrales Fire Department’s Tanya Lattin  was sickened with COVID last month, as she reported to the mayor and Village Council during their  February 8 meeting. She has been, and continues to be, the public face of Corrales’ strenuous battle against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Lattin has vaccinated hundreds, perhaps thousands of villagers during drive-thru events in the back parking lot of the Recreation Center as well as in-home applications.

“On January 26, I tested positive for COVID,” she reported early in the council meeting. “It started with a scratchy throat, and I just didn’t feel well. I was achy, but with no fever. And lots of tirednesss.”

Battalion Commander Lattin said she continued to test positive for the virus, but “there was no lung involvement.”

In early February, the N.M. Health Department reported that 500,516 New Mexicans had been sickened with the virus. At least 6,658 had died. However, the number of new cases statewide was in decline.

On February 9, the acting Secretary of Health said he intended to keep the State’s mask mandate a while longer even though other states were lifting such restrictions.

Nearly half of all New Mexicans  have been vaccinated and gotten booster shots —which was true of Lattin as well. New research reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention February 11 indicates that the effectiveness of those booster shots diminishes after about four months, raising questions about the need for a second booster.

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