A zone change and site development plan have been approved for the property south of Village Pizza where the law office of Tessa Davidson has been located. The proposed use by new owners Elan and Aaron Silverblatt-Buser of Silverleaf Farms was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission January 26.  It also recommended approval of the zone change to commercial for the rest of the 1.5-acre property at 4206 Corrales Road.

The actual zone change would be made by the Village Council, which could come at its Tuesday, February 8 meeting.

The Silverblatt-Buser brothers have joined with Milagro Vineyards and Winery to  develop the site. Plans include selling wines and locally grown vegetables as well as cheeses, meat and other food.

According to the proposal considered January 26, a local coffee roaster would open at the site as would a small cafe inside the existing office building. And a new 600 square foot retail structure would be added to sell produce.

A new business entity, Silver Milagro LLC,  will be managed by Elan Silverblatt-Buser. Water law attorney Tessa Davidson and realtor Matt Davidson sold the property last year.

The front half-acre of the  property was C-zoned for the law office and real estate business in November 2010, but the rear one acre remained zoned for residential-agricultural use. If the council aproves, the entire lot will be zoned to a depth of 350 feet for commercial.

According to the announced plan, the existing main building would have a bar for wine, beer and spirits and coffee service with seating for up to 18 patrons.

The existing smaller outbuilding would be for coffee bean roasting and some retailing. “The new 600-square foot retail building located on the southeast corner of the commercial property will be built for retail use,” the proposal said. “Agricultural products (vegetable plant starts, vegetables, etc.) will be sold out of that building.”

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