Corrales neighbors Kent Blair, long-time Corrales Comment cartoonist, and Lou Christen, who identifies as “the Lone Curmudgeon,” have published an illustrated book of essays mining the politics of the Trump years. Titled The Last Two Years of The Terrible Trump Time ending with one day of Trump-inspired and -led sedition, the 186-page book contains color and black-and-white cartoons featuring comments by the author’s sidekick, Hubris, the thinking horse.

In the book’s introduction, Christen points out “I consider both Democrat and Republican Parties useless, and terribly outdated in satisfying the political-structured needs of our electorate. And I have held that belief for more than the last half-century.”

He adds: “You should know that I consider Donald J. Trump a totally evil human being, and an incredibly shameful, embarrassing president of our country.”

Christen said the essays began as a blog sent only to family members and others who know him well. The book traces his revulsion with Trump and his supporters. “In summary, I’m hoping readers will realize that I believe that a real democracy is, and will be, the best form of government for the United States of America. However, I want that democracy to be a socially responsible democracy. I want our citizens to have the world’s best health care, free, and the world’s best education, free.”

Christen emphasizes that he sees “Donald Trump as a reflection of a significant part of the present American electorate. White supremacy, lust for power and privilege, avarice and greed have their roots in our Constitution, and those factors are still alive and well in our society today.

“And as I write, perhaps too many times in this work, the Civil War isn’t over. It has really never ended. A very significant portion of the American electorate absolutely detests the idea of this country as a democracy.”

In his concluding paragraphs, he argues persuasively that Trump’s presidency wasn’t a political problem; it was, and is, a moral problem. Hatred, avarice, greed and lust for power and privilege are not legal or political issues. They are all moral issues.”

The book can be purchased directly from Christen for $25 by contacting him at

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