At the Corrales Village Council meeting held on January 11, councillors agreed to repeal a  moratorium of cannabis-growing applications. The moratorium, which was imposed November 9, effectively paused all applications for growing cannabis in Corrales for 95 days. This specific length of time was agreed upon so that the councillors could have at least three general meetings to discuss and pass a cannabis-related ordinance, something they finally accomplished at a special meeting held on January 4. Ordinance 21-06, details exactly how cannabis applications are to be handled.

On January 11, all of the councillors except one agreed that the moratorium could be lifted, since the Village now has an effective ordinance to replace the moratorium. Only Councillor Stuart Murray dissented, saying the Village should keep the ordinance in place and “Look at what is in the commercial area that needs a few tweaks.”

“It’s only another 30 days or so,” Murray added, “Why rush it out?”

Councillor Zach Burkett said he agreed with Murray, however he felt their meeting schedule would not allow them to effectively discuss any tweaks before the moratorium ran its natural course.

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