Several Corrales artists’ work will be shown at this year’s N.M. Watercolor Society exhibition at the State Fairgrounds Thursday through Sunday, October 2-24. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building of ExpoNM. Enter and find parking through Gate 3, San Pedro and Copper NE. An awards ceremony comes Saturday, October 2, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

One of the exhibitors, Lucy Jelinek Hays, explained the origin of her painting “Osprey.” “Living in the Corrales bosque has been a real blessing. And living through the pandemic in the bosque, a lesson in nature. We have studied more birds and animals, insects and plants than ever.” She had watched an osprey couple before it hatched eggs. “We were  not invited to the birthing, but the tending of the nest, and the little heads peeking out made us laugh out loud. ‘Osprey’ illustrates the spirit of life along the Rio Grande.”

Tina Stallard’s painting “For Mel”  was a watercolor pour. “I took this picture of a spent rose in my lovely friend’s patio, and the light was so striking to me. It was a very challenging pour, and things did not go the way I had planned. I pushed forward even though it was a fight for most of the painting.… There is a life lesson in this painting! I named it in honor of my cousin’s wife who passed away from brain cancer on the day I finished the painting.”

Another watercolorist, Dee Anne Link, said her painting, “Cactus Blooms 1,”  is about “the fragile existence of flora in New Mexico, and how it survives in spite of no moisture. When the cactus blooms, it says so defiantly.”

Laura Speer’s subject was a hammer. “This well-used hammer rack caught my eye. I was visiting my friend Cliff Bessom, a long-time resident of Corrales, while he was so kindly creating a beautiful aspen arch for a family wedding. The light in  his shop was soft, and created an opposite idea with the hard surface of the hammers. This watercolor painting reminds me of friends and family working together.”

Stallard and Hays will also have art for sale during the Old Church Fine Art Show October 2-10.

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