Dear Editor:
Since my wife and children and I moved to Corrales in 1982, we have been reading and learning from the Comment. You have done a masterful job all these years, week after week, month after month, keeping people in Corrales informed about happenings around town, from local elections to arts events to gardening to people’s opinions about issues, concerns, controversies, developments, trends and progress. You have provided a valuable service to this community. Thank you very much for your hard work.
George Willink

Dear Editor:
Sure would like to see Sagebrush repaved by the construction company that drove dozens of trucks up and down the street for months. The road is wrecked. Small cracks are now 18-inch gaps and massive potholes were temporarily filled with asphalt, and will be feet wide in a short time. The road was never designed for industrial traffic, and it was hammered for nearly six months by it.
Matt White

Dear Editor:
I am so grateful for your work at the Corrales Comment. I am a better citizen of Corrales because of the information you provide. I believe the Comment is part of the adhesive of our community as we are made aware of our government’s actions, volunteer opportunities in the community, fun event happenings and so much more.

Thanks for your dedication and expertise.
Cheryl Williams

Dear Editor:
When we moved to Corrales in 2017, Tony Messec gave us a subscription to Corrales Comment. We were delighted to learn that Corrales has a newspaper of its own. The Albuquerque newspaper would certainly not provide us with information on local government, political candidates, events, local artists and community needs.
Valerie and Tom Armer

Dear Editor:
Thank you for always providing a wonderful, current insight into our village.
Polly and Ruben Benavidez

Dear Editor:
We would like to bring you up to date on where the Laura Montoya campaign is at this time, and what we see is the future path.

The New Mexico State Democrat pre-primary convention was a week ago and Laura was one of two candidates to meet the bench mark set by the party to move forward to the June 2 Democratic Party primary by receiving over 20 percent of the 17 county votes, over 425 voters. There were seven people in the contest, and only 2 moved forward.

Next step: Laura Montoya now has the task again of covering the 17 counties and getting the voters to know her, what she stands for, her qualification and tell them how she will represent New Mexico in Washington.

We are again committed to do what we can to help move Laura Montoya forward through the June 2 primary, and forward to the November 2020 general election. Her values, along with her financial understanding and abilities are second to none. This is a very important election for New Mexico and we feel Laura Montoya is the right person to help with the issues that effect New Mexico and the country.
Donnie Leonard and Donna Wylie   

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