Businesses In, Out and Pending, continued

People noting the crisp green and white roofing trucks in and out at 3819 Corrales Road assumed the owner was getting work done on the red-roofed building. But no. TPC Roofing is now leasing that building, after operating for six years in larger quarters in Albuquerque. Owners James Mosher and Hollie Constant moved the business to Corrales, where they live, and have installed a team working from what is now the new office. TPC makes use of more than seven roofing crews, and handles flat and non flat roof projects. 401-3079.

Things are still in flux at the building formerly housing photographer Kim Jew. TAG Insurance Services now has an office there, at 4604 Corrales Road. Tammy Evans, who ran Amazing Finds at 4604 since the fall of 2018, after departing the space recently leased by TPC Roofing, has shuttered her doors and talks of moving again, this time to a space that may come available at 4240 Corrales Road.

That address, which appears to comprise more than one house, and a retail space, is currently for sale by owner Paul, whose sign is in place. One Day at a Time Ministry Thrift Shop is still operating there, the end of each week, but one volunteer said the group is seeking new space somewhere in Rio Rancho, preferably in a small shopping mall. The Corrales location, she said, was “very slow.” The Thrift shop started up in July 2016.

While the buzz around the Village is that a possible coffee roasting business is going in near Las Ristras Restaurant, at 4940 Corrales Road, likely to offer only “tastings,” the Moon & Dove Gallery, below, is a definite. In the space locals associate with longtime Stevie’s Happy Bikes business, at 4685 Corrales Road, owner Dagna Altheide has opened a gallery cum shop in homage to her artist parents, Linda Vi Vona and Ed Samuels. Vi Vona is a prolific creator, an artist from childhood, who continued to turn out work even after an auto accident in the 1990s left her wheelchair-bound. Her recent work, multi-media collages, is on display at Moon & Dove. “Art saved my mom’s life,” says Altheide.

Samuels, whose silver “moon” jewelry pieces, as well as paintings, are for sale in the Gallery, grew up in the Bronx with artsy aunts and uncles, and he, too, was an artist from day one. As you might have guessed, Samuels is the “moon” and Vi Vona, the “dove,” saluted in Altheide’s gallery. The many pieces of Pueblo art available at Moon & Dove were all collected by Samuels, “a true hoarder…”

Corrales, curiously, was where Altheide and her kids came to swim, and shop, and just hang out, even though the family was long established in Jemez Springs. There Altheide and her husband John ran the Canon del Rio Retreat and Spa, as well as the Jemez Trading Company—John’s family had owned Los Ojos Restaurant and Saloon. The Altheides finally decided to decamp to Rio Rancho, opening Moon & Dove officially on July 7. Having cleaned up the patio/garden area, shared somewhat with Thrive Chiropractic’s yoga studio, and opened the Gallery, Altheide is musing on adding something, after she takes a long postponed holiday. “Ice cream parlor?” suggested a visitor. Wait and see. The Gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., daily except Monday and Tuesday. 414-5070.

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